Instrumental Love: Political Marriage and Family Firm Growth

Political marriage is an under-investigated form of social capital for family corporations. In this take a look at, we look at the connection among political marriage and the increase of family firms. We analyze this courting using survey statistics from determine–child dyads of 164 own family corporations in mainland China, together with qualitative statistics from 8 semi-dependent interviews. Drawing on social capital concept and self-verification concept, we recommend that political marriage 香港婚介公司 makes a considerable contribution to the boom of own family corporations. We similarly advise that the results of a political marriage on firm growth are moderated via the length of the marriage and the diploma of romantic love experienced via the couples. We locate that the nice courting among political marriage and firm boom is stronger while the period of the marriage is longer. Our outcomes also display a 3-way interaction impact of political marriage, period of marriage, and romantic love on company growth. In this interplay, the wonderful effect of political marriage is most powerful when the wedding is lengthy and the diploma of romantic love is low (in preference to excessive). Theoretical and sensible implications are mentioned.

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